What to wear for the lounge suit dress code (2024 Edition)

What to wear for the lounge suit dress code (2024 Edition)

Most people will agree that preparing for a special occasion is challenging. Much thought is placed into planning the outfit and time is spent scouring shopping malls and online shops for suitable apparel. In a bid to look their best, women and men engage in personal grooming before the event. When the day arrives, people put the final touch on their look, spending time at salons, making sure their tresses are ready for the occasion. To add on to that, sometimes you are given an invitation card with unfamiliar dress codes like 'lounge suit,' which adds to the difficulties of prepping for an event! We are here to prevent a frenzied search on Google with our all-inclusive guide on how to dress up for the lounge suit dress code!

What does lounge suit mean?

Lounge suit requires formal dressing, but is less formal than the black tie dress code. On the formality scale, it is however, more formal than the cocktail dress code. 

Events of differing levels of formality may employ this dress code in their invitation cards. Social and business events including beachside weddings, wedding lunches, business dinners, christenings and funerals may list the lounge suit as their dress code. 

Lounge suit Lounge Suit

What is a lounge suit dress code for women?

It is a dress code that requires a formal outfit but with a degree of relaxation. This dress code is not as formal as the black tie dress code, so fancy ball gowns would be too over-the-top. Women are free to play with prints and are not restricted to only wearing a dress. Jumpsuits and pant suits are also suitable. Read the rules of lounge suit dressing below. 

What is a lounge suit dress code for men?

It is a dress code that requires a formal outfit comprising a formal shirt, suit and tie. However, since this dress code is lower in formality compared to black tie, there is no need to wear tuxedo jackets. Also, a bow tie would be too formal.

Lounge suit dress code rules for women

  • Wear¬†clothing long in length

The length of the garment should be at least midi length. As this dress code is more formal than cocktail, a dress at the knee or shin would be too short. Do note that if the event is held in the day, it is acceptable to wear an apparel of shorter length. The plus size formal dresses shown below are in long lengths and are suitable for lounge suit.

Lounge suit Lounge Suit

  • Definitely wear¬†high heels!

Formal shoes should be worn and for women that means high heels. Flats are inappropriate. However, if the event is set in the day, women are able to wear shorter heels, but as a rule, heels should be worn. 

Lounge suit Lounge Suit

  • (Bonus!) Tips¬†for day time¬†lounge suit events

A formal dress, jumpsuit or pant suits are acceptable for day events. However, not all dresses and plus size dresses are suitable! If wearing a print, do make sure that the pattern is not overly complicated. Lower heels are preferred for daytime events though higher heels are accepted too. 

Lounge suit Lounge Suit

  • (Bonus x 2!) Tips¬†for¬†night¬†lounge suit events

Wearing a long dress of midi to maxi length is preferred. Prints are not encouraged for night time events. High heels are the appropriate shoes to be worn for women. The plus size evening dresses reflected below are glamorous enough for the occasion.

Lounge SuitLounge suit

  • The¬†infallible lounge suit outfit for women (Our Recommendation)

Don't want to stress over what to wear? A dependable outfit you can count on for lounge suit is a long black dress with high heels. If you are worried that the look may be too formal, bring a blazer along and wear it to 'de-formalize' it!

Lounge suit Lounge Suit

Lounge suit dress code rules for men

We didn't forget your man-candy! This dress code demands more relaxed suiting.

  • Wear Two-Piece Suits

Two-piece suits are the ideal clothing type for men when it comes in lounge suit. Three-pieces are also ideal but not necessary. Keeping to the relaxed vibes, a suit jacket and pants are all that is required.

Lounge suit
  • Opt for dark colours tones

Instead of the very formal black, opt for dark shades in a lighter tone like dark grey or navy. For daytime events, muted colours in brighter shades like cream and light grey are acceptable.

Lounge suit
  • Don't only stick to formal fabrics

For strictly formal occasions like business events and funerals, stick to formal fabrics like wool. For daytime events that demand less formality, consider going for light weight linens and cotton.

Lounge suit
  • Wear comfortable shirts

The key is to look relaxed and comfortable while being formal. High quality cotton fabric and peak construction are recommended. You are free to choose various types of fabrics and collar types. A safe option for the shirt's collar type is the turndown pointed collar.

Lounge suit
  • Stick to plain coloured shirts

Printed shirts with floral, polka dots or other prints are not recommended as they are too informal for the occasion. A classic option for lounge suit is a white shirt.

Lounge suit
  • Wear a tie

For formal occasions like business events and funerals, make sure that you wear a tie. Printed or coloured ties are both acceptable. The large Windsor tie-knot is not recommended. Instead, a half-Windsor tie knot and the four-in-hand tie knot are recommended.

Lounge suit men

  • Do not wear a bow-tie

 As the lounge suit dress code requires a degree of relaxation, the bow-tie is too formal.

Lounge suit men

  • Wear socks of¬†a dark colour

To keep in line with the level of formality demanded by a lounge suit dress code, it is recommended to wear socks of the same colour as your suit. Wearing socks is required.

Lounge Suit

  • Wear dark leather shoes

Wearing leather shoes is imperative. The colour of the leather and the lace should also be dark. Dark brown, black, dark navy or other dark colours are suitable. 

Lounge suit men

Pictorial examples of women in lounge suit 

To aid you in dressing up for the event, here are some outfit inspiration for lounge suit dressing for women. 

Lounge suitLounge suitLounge suitLounge suit

Lounge SuitLounge Suit
Lounge SuitLounge Suit

Pictorial examples of men in lounge suit 

To aid you in dressing up for the event, here are some outfit inspiration for lounge suit dressing for men. 

Lounge suit menLounge suit menLounge suit men


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