Are parcels from China safe or free from the Wuhan coronavirus?

Are parcels from China safe or free from the Wuhan coronavirus?

Some have asked - are parcels or goods from China safe to receive or handle in light of the latest Wuhan coronavirus' rapid spread throughout the world?

For all the online shoppers out there, luckily, the answer is yes.

According to experts, as mentioned on Fox News, it is believed that the virus would not survive outside the body, on object(s), for more than an hour. Given the time it takes to transport goods from China to your country, the virus would have died by the time it reached you. 

As always though, wash your hands after touching objects. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth!

Also, according to the FAQs about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is safe to receive packages from China!

As quote from the FAQs: 

"Q: Am I at risk for novel coronavirus from a package or products shipping from China?

There is still a lot that is unknown about the newly emerged 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and how it spreads. Two other coronaviruses have emerged previously to cause severe illness in people (MERS and SARS). 2019-nCoV is more genetically related to SARS than MERS, but both are betacoronaviruses with their origins in bats. While we don’t know for sure that this virus will behave the same way as SARS and MERS, we can use the information from both of these earlier coronaviruses to guide us. In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of 2019-nCoV associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of 2019-nCoV in the United States associated with imported goods. Information will be provided on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus website as it becomes available."


Thus, the answer is clear; it is safe to handle and receive parcels from China! 



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