The Plus Size Formal Dresses Guide

The Plus Size Formal Dresses Guide

Invited to a special occasion but not sure what to wear? Or see a dress code like "Black Tie" which you don't understand? Fret not, Hello Curve is here to help you understand which type of plus size formal dress to select for each occasion!

Plus Size Gowns

Typically worn for company functions, balls, proms, and red carpet events, plus size gowns are designed to wow and are usually elaborate. Made of heavy or luxurious materials, gowns made for plus size women are constructed with class in mind. Think of fabrics like satin, jacquard and brocade for these stunning dresses. If your invitation card says "Lounge Suite" or "Black Tie," go for plus size gowns. Plus size gowns are full length dresses, with trains a possible design as well. 

Here are some pictorial examples of gowns made in plus sizes:

plus size formal dresses


Plus Size Evening Dresses

One step down in formality from gowns, plus size evening dresses usually end in a full, maxi dress length. They don't usually end with trains and are less formal though much more formal than the usual wedding guest or cocktail dresses. They can also be made in luxurious fabrics like satin and sequin. Evening dresses are suitable for prom, and company dinner functions.

Here are some examples of plus size evening dresses:

plus size formal dresses


Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Design for cocktail and dinner events, plus size cocktail dresses usually end at the knee-length and are one step down from evening dresses. Think of plus size cocktail dresses as a shorter version of evening dresses. They can be made in sequin fabric, lace fabric to chiffon fabric. Usually, plus size cocktail dresses are not meant to be overtly revealing in nature so deep V necks are not usually welcomed. 

Here are some images of plus size cocktail dresses:

plus size formal dresses



Plus Size Wedding Guest Dress

Congratulations! You've been invited to a wedding. Not sure of wedding dressing rules? In general, never dress to upstage the bride, and never wear white colour (unless you want to be mistaken for the bride!) When it comes to plus size wedding guest dresses, think of floral prints and romantic hues like pink and red. Plus size wedding guest dresses can end in mid-thigh to full length dresses, but a train is never encouraged as only the bride deserves to be the star of the event!

Here are some gorgeous examples of plus size wedding guest dresses:

plus size formal dresses


Plus Size Cheongsams

Have you been invited to a Chinese friend's wedding or baby shower? To really honour your friend, wear a plus size cheongsam; a dress that epitomizes the dressing style of traditional Chinese women! Plus size cheongsams and qipaos used to be made in body-hugging cuts with thigh-high slits, but have since evolved to fit women of different body shapes. Here you can see plus size cheongsams in flattering A-line cuttings and even loose straight shapes.

plus size formal dresses


Plus Size Race Dresses

Race day is here and you're out of ideas on what to wear? Find inspiration in classic floral prints to hues like white, pastel and bright colours. Plus size race dresses are similar to cocktail dresses but flamboyance is encouraged! Imagine a dress with a fluffy hem and a structured, pleated body for class; now that is what we would call a dress fit for the races! At the very least, style up your outfit with an over-the-top hat. Plus size race dresses usually end from mid-thigh to midi dress length. Full length dresses are not encouraged.

Here are some stunning race dresses you can take inspiration from: 

plus size formal dresses


There you have it! Our comprehensive guide to plus size formal dresses for the specific occasion you're attending! It's not that hard after all after our simple explanation right? A final tip; when in doubt, wearing a simple dress in one colour like a little black dress will usually do the job!

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